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At Nordic Ayurveda we bring the world’s oldest health system into the modern world,
where efficient treatments and in-depth educational programmes go hand-in-hand with pleasing aesthetics and enjoyable sensory experiences.


Receive the health promoting, revitalizing Ayurvedic treatments in AYA House

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Maria’s Sangha


For more than 15 years, my mother struggled with chronic pain in her abdomen and digestive system. In early 2021, at the age of only 67, she finally gained peace after a long and painful battle with bowel cancer and the side effects that the treatment had left her with. My mother’s long illness occupied […]

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Get balanced through the sense of touch

With each breath, we exchange our personal energy with the energy of the universe, as we constantly absorb sensory input through our five sensory organs: the ear, eyes, nose, tongue, and skin. The senses are our inner pharmacy, and by using them consciously, we can have greater physical and emotional well-being and balance and heal […]