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Bali – Women’s retreat


11th december 2016 kl. 18:06 – 21st december 2016 kl. 19:06
Kali Love & Maria Juhl
Bali - Women's retreat @ Bali

Women’s retreat in Bali with Kali Love & Maria Juhl


Awaken & Celebrate Your True Self

Have you lost yourself in your relationship, career or family?
Have you reached a point in your life where you realize that you haven’t had or made the time to nurture, celebrate, or express your unique talents and skills?

Do you find that you are not practicing the best self-care and that in fact maybe you don’t feel in touch with
who you really are or what you truly want for your life?

Or perhaps you already know how absolutely amazing you are, and it’s time to do something wonder-full for your Self and take this much needed and well-deserved “me-treat”.

This retreat is for all you beautiful women out there, who desire to know and honor yourselves at a deeper, more intimate level.

This retreat is a journey, an inner exploration,
a remembrance, and a celebration of “Homecoming” … coming home to our true Self, our purest essence which is of love, light, joy, laughter, play, peace, grace, and freedom.

Join us for a ten-day immersion on the exotic and beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia with daily yoga classes, meditation, dance, delicious & healthy food, rejuvenating spa-treatments/massages, sun, ocean,
beauty, sisterhood, and more!

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