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Nordic Ayurveda was founded by Kristine Swalethorp and Maria Juhl, who are two of Denmark’s leading experts and teachers within Ayurveda. Their aim is to bring Ayurveda’s ancient and effective tools into a modern, Nordic context, so that even more people can achieve increased life energy, joy and health in a natural way in Denmark. Today, Nordic Ayurveda consists of a team of highly qualified teachers and therapists, who are part of our team of therapists and Ayurveda education program.


Nordic Ayurveda APS is co-owner of AYA HOUSE: Ayurveda Yoga Awareness House located in the middle of beautiful natural surroundings in North Zealand. 
AYA HOUSE offers day and weekend retreats, Tridosha Yoga, individual sessions and life-giving and rejuvenative Ayurvedic signature treatments. Read more here!


Kristine Swalethorp

Co-founder of Nordic Ayurveda, education program manager and administrative director at AYA House.

Kristine has a background in law and economics.

She has personally practiced Ayurvedic principles for the past 10 years, and in summer 2020, she moved back to Denmark after three years in the USA, where she became a certified Ayurvedic lifestyle teacher at the Chopra Center University in California.

After seeing and experiencing how integrated medicine is used in the USA and how central a role Ayurveda plays, her mission is to create even greater awareness and to support others in the Ayurvedic principles, so together we can become better at preventing disease in Denmark and achieve the best, longest and happiest life possible.

Maria Juhl

Author & co-founder of Nordic Ayurveda and AYA House, the country’s first Ayurvedic health center

From the time yoga and Ayurveda helped Maria out of depression as a young university student in 2001, she has been passionate about living a balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle and passing these tools on to others.

Maria is a qualified doula/birth coach, and Life and Business Coach. She completed her intensive education in Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic philosophy at the Chopra Center University, California with Deepak Chopra from 2009-2014.

Maria has published the books Lev mere – Kæmp mindre: Ayurvedisk livsstil i Norden (2017) and AYURVEDA – FØLG NATURENS RYTME (Gyldendal, 2019).




Deepak Chopra, world-renowned expert within the field of holistic health and NY Times bestseller

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