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Love and soften cancer!

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I know that’s controversial – but I have to take a position with this blog. I’d like to present a different perspective on cancer to the one being fed to us by the media and reveal how I think we can take the first step toward curing this health challenge that overshadows all others.


NO! I will not help to either “fight cancer” or “crack cancer”. That is an unbelievable rhetoric, which has verbalized for years, on how we face one of the major symptoms of our lifestyle: cancer. Instead, I want to do everything within my power to do the opposite – to love and soften cancer.


Change the perspective

You might think I’m just trying to be provocative or a smartass. But let’s reflect together at a deeper level instead of just liking, copy-pasting and sharing messages, whose impact we don’t fully understand when it comes to our health.

The imbalance we call cancer is already a state in which the cancer-afflicted is fighting. Cancer is the body’s way of fighting itself – in short, we develop cancer, because some of our cells refuse to die and instead they mutate to the detriment of the whole organism. In fact, it’s natural and, thus, “healthy” that cells die, so new ones can form, and through this process life is preserved and continues. Death is, therefore, inevitable and natural at the cellular level, but in the cancer-state the body is fighting tooth and nail to avoid “natural death”. It can be seen as a symptom of our culture; a culture that refuses to grow old and recognize that eventually the physical body will die. And a culture dominated by the media, which, in turn, is spun on and fuelled by fear. But the more we react to this imbalance with combat-energy, the more the cancer spreads.


Disarm the opposition

When I suggest that we love cancer, it’s not the same as saying that we want more of it. Instead, it’s a way we can disarm a destructive system in a rut. When we candidly dare to open our eyes and realize that the cancer has had favorable conditions for its development and from there meet it with love, then what is called a “miracle” can occur. In fact, the healing of cancer is not a miracle – it’s actually a sign of naturalness. A sign of balance in body and mind – and the condition in which the body can self-heal.

Instead of meeting hard with hard, Ayurveda suggests that we balance ourselves with the help of opposites. A fighting-mentality is a trait of an unbalanced Pitta. Pitta is the life energy that is associated with fire and discipline, transformation, willpower and the ability to act. When in balance, Pitta dominated people achieve impressive results and can be great and inspiring leaders. But when in a rut, Pitta becomes destructive, critical, judgmental, constantly whipping themselves and others. Pitta is balanced by means of tranquility, gentleness, rest, coolness, laughter, touch and love.


Choose life

In the book and movie, The Secret, we meet Cathy Goodman, who, having been diagnosed with breast cancer, decided to remove all the stress from her life by laughing for hours every day. Cathy and her husband watched funny movies and humorous sketches every single day – and it was her cure. Three months later, she had recovered with no other treatment.

I’m not trying to say that everyone can laugh themselves healthy (although maybe they can?). Rather I’m inviting you to view the disease with a larger perspective and an awareness of its deeper being. In his book, Cancer Is Not A Disease, Doctor Andreas Moritz describes how cancer, rather than being a disease, is a defense mechanism – the body’s response to an underlying disease that may – on the surface – have to do with our lifestyle. But then the question is: why do we continue to choose a lifestyle that makes us sick? What kind of deeply destructive pattern drives us to kill ourselves (literally) with bad food, and mental and physical stresses?

No, it’s time that we lay down our weapons and instead of throwing more fuel on the fire with the help of chemotherapy (which kills healthy cells, too), radiation and operations – that we love both ourselves and life a little more.

Call me a hippy – but love is the foundation of life and, well, isn’t more life basically what we want when we’ve received a death sentence?

What do you think?


Give in love <3