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At Nordic Ayurveda we proudly offer, besides our Ayurvedic treatments, the below teacher trainings and educational programmes. Most take place online and in our holistic wellness center House of Nordic Ayurveda (Nivå, DK). Today most classes are in Danish, hence suited for Scandinavian people. We are currently working at a business offering and trainings in English. Please contact us for further information.


become an Ayurvedic health and lifestyle consultant


Learn how to practise and teach the ancient and effective Ayurvedic tools for natural health and wellbeing. This one year training provides an in-depth personal tranformation as well as gives you the opportunity to start your own business with the ability to teach and consult individuals and groups.

Your training starts with our fundamental Ayurvedic online course, called “The Foundation for Health”. Then you follow your class in 12 online modules with live webinars, and eight physical days in House of Nordic Ayurveda. This teacher training can also be taken 100% online. Lead educators are Maria Juhl & Kristine Swalethorp.


become an Ayurvedic masseuse


Learn how to perform the healing Nordic Ayurvedic massage, and be ready to start making a difference in the world after six month training.

Your training starts with our fundamental Ayurvedic online course, called “The Foundation for Health”. Then you follow your class in 4 online modules with live webinars, and nine physical days in House of Nordic Ayurveda. Between our days together you practice at home. Lead educator on this is Mette Korsholm.


become a nordic kundalini yoga teacher


Immerse yourself in this one year deep and sensory yoga training. In the Nordic Kundalini Yoga emphasis is on bringing harmoni between the dynamic and restorative postures in every Kriya, and integrate breath, meditation, mantra, aromatherapy and sound healing.

Your training includes eight live weekends in House of Nordic Ayurveda and three online weekends, as well as online materials. Lead educator is Lila Lutz.


foundation for health online course


Learn how to sense yourself, prevent illness, make healthy choices and create lasting and meaningful balance in your life through the ancient healingsystem of Ayurveda.

This online course offers you all the fundamental tools of Ayurveda through 6 online modules with a total of 91 lessions with video, audio, text, and reflectory questions, which will all help you to implement, what you learn.


become a member of life energy


As a member of our Ayurvedic lifestyle online univers, you can 24/7 be inspired and guided in yoga, meditation, recipes, dosha tips, as well as being a part of our seasonal competitions and memberships discounts on products for your Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Try seven days for free, and cancel anytime you want.


Ayurveda & yoga retreat


Join us for one of our seasonal retreats either at House of Nordic Ayurveda or in other locations of Denmark, and kick start your new balanced lifestyle.

As part of the retreat you will get access to our extensive online course “The Foundation for Health”, and the programme will include daily yoga and meditation, as well as experiences in nature and vibrant Ayurvedic meals.