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Maria’s Sangha

Maria’s Sangha is Maria’s spiritual community. Here Maria shares her personal journey living the Ayurvedic lifestyle.



For more than 15 years, my mother struggled with chronic pain in her abdomen and digestive system. In early 2021, at the age of only 67, she finally gained peace after a long and painful battle with bowel cancer and the side effects that the treatment had left her with. My mother’s long illness occupied […]


When I think back on my own life and how I met Ayurvedic health wisdom, it is a story of going from being trapped in the three causes of suffering to attaining a level of consciousness that enabled me to break the vicious cycle and create more balance in my life. According to Ayurveda, there […]


Do you know what the four greatest goals of human life are, and do you live according to them?
 If your health or life energy are ailing, read on! Regardless of our imbalance, Ayurveda guides us lovingly to begin by looking at our inner feelings and thoughts. All well-being and health start in the mind. […]


Chronic pain, disease, adversity in life. We all experience them sooner or later. Why do some people come out stronger after illness and adversity while others break? Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to life that is based on a fundamental belief that we can turn pain and adversity into something positive. At Nordic Ayurveda, we […]


Now is the time we need to take good care of ourselves – In the transition from summer to autumn, as, unfortunately, many people get sick here because they forget or are too busy to change course… 
We are connected to nature, that is the essential idea in Ayurveda, when the temperatures, humidity, wind and […]


When we know ourselves and can feel the needs of our innermost souls, then we are also able to show the world who we are and what is within us. 
At some point in life, many of us experience ending up at a dead end – we’re stuck in college, a relationship or a job […]

Birthing the creator – about consciousness

If someone asks me, what is most important to me, I would have to say; discovering, uncovering and acknowledging, what life or the universe is all about. I absolutely love my physical existence, but the deepest, most passionate part of me is so driven towards this mystery.   Who am I? Why am I here? […]

Live More – Struggle Less ! Ayurveda in the North

I have always loved to away travel from the so-called “western” world. To get away from the comfort and the ideas so ingrained in our part of the world and to observe the exotic and the different. It has been with equal parts fascination and discomfort, I have observed life in countries such as Uganda, […]

The Showdown with One Size Fits All!

Listen up rebels: there’s good news! A tradition of holistic health exists that celebrates individuality and rejects the idea that ‘one size fits all’: Ayurveda. The Science of Life, Ayurveda, does away with the universal paradigms of “healthy” and “unhealthy”. Ayurveda confirms what we feel intuitively – the road to health is not the same […]

The path away disease + guided relaxation

  Are lifestyle diseases, which may be triggered by the over-activation of the nervous system (called stress), in reality a reflection of a deeper existential crisis? The crisis of not knowing who we really are and why we are here?   With this blog I would like to open up a wider perspective on disease (dis […]